Why the basics matter in quilting...

For the past few months, I have been more than intrigued by quilt pattern writing. Quickly in my quilt journey, I realized that I liked using a pattern every once in awhile, but I found enjoyment in making my own designs. The thrill of finding

the right blocks and combing them to create a new idea or look was something new for me. I loved it. It made quilting tantalizing. Plus, I was able to make a quilt that highlighted the fabrics I had on hand or that I would lovingly purchase when finding myself inevitably at my favorite local fabric stores. I would create what I liked, branch out and explore new techniques, and find my own voice. 

As you probably will find out if you didn't already know, I love modern design. I love improv piecing and don't even get me started on circles. But to delve into the modern, I realized quickly that the basics and the foundations of traditional quilting are essential. You can't break the rules and push the limits until you know and perfect the rules and know what the limits are and why they exist. Those limits and rules are what stopped me from quilting at first. Why should I start a hobby that restricts and even bosses me around? I have two toddler aged daughters--I don't need more bosses. 

That is where the patterns I have purchased and used came into play. Those patterns showed me new ways to make half square triangles and how valuable a flying geese block can be. I learned to mark from corner to corner, sew an

accurate 1/4" seam, and why those little corners need to be cut off before moving forward. I learned that the rules were important and that they made my quilts look pristine and my edges matched up. And is there anything more beautiful than matching seams?!!?


New Beginnings, my first quilt pattern releasing at the end of July, is simple.

I show you how to make flying geese the no waste method. We use all of those geese (except one in the bed size) and couple them with blocks to build arrows going off in opposing directions. If you can master a flying geese block, you can make stars, arrows, and so much more. I use them in almost all of my quilts at the moment. They are beautiful and versatile. 

Now, I am venturing off into the world of writing my own patterns for all of you. The patterns I write are the ones that I wish I had when I first started that teach a few basics all to produce modern stunners quickly. I know there are many great patterns out there. I am grateful for them and their ability to inspire others. They taught me so much. I hope I can do the same thing as I enter the pool among the greats. As I venture off onto this new step of my journey, I am going to share what I have learned, what I love, and offer any insights I have discovered. 

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