Long Arm Quilting Services

Long arm quilting comes in many varieties. I offer edge to edge (e2e) computerized, all over design and custom quilting.

e2e $.02/square inch

Custom Quilting starts at $.05/square inch

The pricing is dependent on the size of the quilt by the square inch. In order to find that measurement, simply multiply the length of the quilt by its width. For example, if you have a 40"x 50" quilt you would have 40 x 50=2,000. Then multiply that number with the service above to get your total.


I can provide you with batting so you don't have to. I have Quilter's Dream 80/20 and 100% cotton. 


100% cotton-$11/yard

Other Services:

Prepare Backing Fabric: $20

Binding Prepared: $15 

Binding (machine sewn to the front): $.10 per linear inch

Binding (hand sewn to the back): $.35 per linear inch 

Attach Label (you have provided): $10 

Embroidered Label: $10 

How to Prepare Your Quilt:

1. Make sure your backing & batting are a minimum of 4 inches longer and wider than top

2. Backing squared

3. Top & back ironed

4. Threads clipped

5. Remove all pins and basting threads

Quilt Trimming:

I can trim your quilt at no extra cost if requested


Shipping costs vary. You send the quilt at your cost. When returning the quilt, the first $10 are complimentary. After that, you will pay the difference.


Once the quilt is finished, I will send an invoice. I accept payments through PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle. After receipt of payment, I will ship the quilt back to you.

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