About Michayla

 While I was in grad school, I found that I needed a hobby. I didn't want to read because that was all I was doing for school and work. I was bored with TV. I needed something more to feed my creative side. So I turned to quilting. When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I realized that quilting and sewing were handy--much more than just a hobby. I learned all that I could from various sources and people around me.
From piecing, I quickly found a love of longarm quilting. I studied and trained until I felt confident I could own my own machine and finish quilts for others. Now, most of my time is spent long arm quilting for others, making memory quilts, and mending beloved family heirlooms. Although life has gotten busier, I still find the time to give your quilts the attention they need to live on for many more years. That is my happy place!
Most importantly, I have three lively and lovely little girls and a wonderful husband who claims he is only the accountant but is much, much more than that. Without these four people, I would not be where I am today.