About Michayla

 While I was in grad school, I found that I needed a hobby. I didn't want to read because that was all I was doing for school and work. I was bored with TV. I needed something more to feed my creative side. So I turned to quilting. When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I realized that quilting and sewing were handy--much more than just a hobby. I learned all that I could from various sources and people around me. I gave my quilts to friends and family, but I was making the quilts faster than people were having babies. And I didn't want to stop. That was when I decided to create Quilts a la Mode. I want to share the colors, textures, fabrics, stories, and joys that quilts have brought me with others like you. Every baby deserves a handmade quilt. Every student needs a hug from home, especially on test days. Every family comes together and needs to cuddle or gather with a blanket of some kind. Quilts do so much more than warm us--they are made with time, attention to detail, and heart.
I use quality fabrics with trendy patterns and colors. I design most of my own quilts unless stated in the description. I also practice as little waste as possible--I use my scraps in meaningful and purposeful ways. I don't just want to make and create, I also want to be mindful of what I use and how I use it.
Most importantly, I have two lively and lovely little girls and a wonderful husband who claims he is only the accountant but is much, much more than that. Without these three people, I would not be where I am today.