"I've been shopping around for woodsy/forest decor for my daughter's room and I came across these tree quilts. Seriously a miracle to find tree quilts that aren't Christmas-themed. I love these quilts!! I hadn't realized the wood-grained stitching would so thoroughly cover the whole blanket. I love the colors and sizing. The fabric feels really natural, which I never could find with online shopping, as all online- specific blankets being made out of some trashy microfiber or synthetic.

Thanks, quiltsalamode, for this little piece of forest in my home!"

--Tori Johnson





* * * * *

"I LOVE this quilt!!!

One of my favorite coworkers just left on maternity leave. Since she and I work many DIFFICULT shifts together I felt like getting her something special. I saw this cute gender neutral quilt and knew that was exactly what I wanted to get her. When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at how it could look even prettier in person. The stitching is great and the size is big enough to be useful even once the baby gets bigger. then my coworker sent me a personal note thanking me for “such a beautiful quilt.” I’m definitely going to be buying from this shop again. I just need someone else in my life to have a baby..."

 --Kacey Chase


* * * * *

I love how quilts can tell a story. What story did I want my family to sleep under?
Quilts are so versatile in function and aesthetics. They can be any size for any body from birth to death. They are simple statements of color and pattern or can tell intricate stories. Quilting has a long and rich history both cultural and deeply personal. I particularly love the intimate patchwork of crazy quilts made of clothing scraps too threadbare to be worn and then reborn in a quilt.
I come from a family of quilt admirers and makers. My parents would visit the Amish country and buy quilts directly from those expert quilters steeped in tradition. I learned Amish quilt patterns tell stories with their abstraction of shape and repetition in their patterns. These quilts were entirely handmade and too precious for me to play with as a child.
My mother repairs old abandoned quilt tops from flea markets and makes her own quilts out of fabric she has collected over a lifetime. While I love the process and creative outlet she has with these quilts I actually don’t like the finished product (please don’t tell my mother!). 
I wanted something fresh and new. I had searched online for quilts and comforters from various home decor companies thinking that I didn’t want to spend much on something my kiddos might destroy but just couldn’t find anything I liked. Then I began researching independent quilters. Michayla’s style of quilting immediately resonated with me. When I opened up a conversation with her about having a custom quilt made I knew I had found my quilt maker and that she would make something gorgeous and sturdy enough to survive my family.
I also began delving into the depths of all the incredible fabric patterns made by independent surface designers on Spoonflower. Michayla was open to integrating some of my favorite Spoonflower patterns into the quilt as well as making custom pillow cases. The whole process was incredibly fun and it felt so good to support independent designers and makers for something that I planned to wrap around and snuggle my family in. 
We couldn’t be happier with the results of my collaboration with Michayla. I am astounded that she literally sewed together my whims and fancies of color and pattern into a lived in work of art. Our quilt is simply perfect and we will love it for years to come.
--Liz Chin
* * * * *
I am obsessed with Quilts a la Mode!! I've had a quilt top my great grandma put together but never finished, that is unique to say the least. Honestly I didn't love it but couldn't get rid of it because of where it came from, so it sat in the top of my closet for years because I didn't know what to do with it. Then I came across one of Michayla's stories on instagram and I knew right away she was the one to finish the job for me! She knows her stuff when it comes to beautiful heirloom quilts but isn't afraid to be modern or funky. What I needed was a mash up and she rose to the occasion. She patiently walked me through every step of the process, making sure I was completely happy with every choice. The result is perfect. I can honestly say that I now LOVE my great grandma's beautiful Christmas quilt and my family enjoys snuggling up underneath it with a cup of hot chocolate on these cold winter nights. Michayla, thanks for making it possible for us to be wrapped in Grandma's love all the time. I will definitely be purchasing more lovely quilts from Quilts a la Mode!!
--Hayley Roush
* * * * *
Michayla has done a fabulous job enhancing the quilts I made with heart and soul. She added another artistic layer with her quilting and suggestions. Very pleased and so were the recipients.
--Kathy Splan